Vanya Moneva

Vanya Moneva is among the brightest names in the history of Bulgarian choral art. She graduated with honors from the Pancho Vladigerov State Academy of Music in the class of Prof. Vasil Arnaudov, majoring in Choral Conducting, which marked the beginning of her impressive career. Before the project of her life – the choir with the new name “Vanya Moneva”, Vanya Moneva was the main artistic director and conductor of “Cosmic Voices from Bulgaria”, “Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices”, Women’s Folk Choir at BNR, Representative Mixed Choir “Aleko Konstantinov” ”, Sofia Girls Choir, Representative Mixed Choir“ Petko Staynov ”and Choir School – Kazanlak, as well as a number of other choirs in Sofia, Lom and Stara Zagora.

Vanya Moneva works intensively with Bulgarian composers. He provoked them and inspired them with his creative charge and deep knowledge in the field of choral conducting. Her aspiration as an artist to Bulgarian folklore crystallized in the creation of the women’s folk choirs “Cosmic Voices from Bulgaria” later named “Choir” Vanya Moneva “. For 25 years now, Vanya Moneva has been consolidating her positions and with her innovative thinking, she has shown how a women’s folk choir can be treated as a brilliant instrument. He builds such a repertoire policy, which demonstrates the hidden possibilities of the people’s voices and leads them to different genre dimensions, thus imposing his trademark.

Vanya Moneva is one of the brightest names in our choral art – a conductor who has established himself with his style, musical aesthetics and high professionalism. It is not in vain that the composer Prof. Krassimir Kyurkchiiski says about her: “Vanya Moneva is the Bulgarian Karayan in a dress”.

Vanya Moneva is also a music producer at the Bulgarian National Radio and a lecturer at the National Academy of Music “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov “.

He has won a number of prestigious music awards, including:
> Crystal necklace of the Union of Bulgarian music and dance figures

First prize in the open category of the International Choir Competition “Let the Nations Sing” on European Radio (EBU), 2015.
“Follower of the People’s Awakeners” for outstanding contribution to the defense of Bulgarian spirituality and choral art – Supreme Chitalishte Council of the Union of People’s Chitalishte in Bulgaria, 2015
“Heart of Sofia” Award, 2014
Musician of the Year for 2014 in the ranking of “Allegro Vivace” on BNR
Special award “Crystal Lyre” on the occasion of the anniversary of the people, 2014
“Golden Book” for contribution to the development of Bulgarian culture, 2011
“Golden Five Line” by the Union of Bulgarian Composers, 2005
ECHO Award of the German music producers for the CD Bulgarian Soul with Veselina Katsarova, 2003
“Classics in other genres”, Allegro Vivace, BNR, 2002
“Golden Pen” for contribution to Bulgarian culture, FM Classic Radio, 2001
Special Award of the Salon of Arts, National Palace of Culture, 2000
“Kazanlak” for contribution to art and culture, Kazanlak, 1989
Special Award in the Folklore category, International Choir Competition, Czechoslovakia, 1988
III prize, International May Choir Competition, Varna, 1985
“Krastyo Pishurka” for special contribution to amateur art, Lom, 1983