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A Little Night Music II

RIU Pravets Golf & SPA Resort


Want to listen to A Little Night Music together? Why not?

The excitement of Saturday night at the festival continues. The Angel Zaberski Trio will premiere their latest project called A Little Night Music II – a nod to the title of Mozart’s ingenious work.

Arrangements of popular classical pieces by Mozart, Bach, Chopin, Liszt, Tchaikovsky and Brahms are creatively transformed into improvisations with a jazzy flavor. The interpretation of Angel Zaberski (piano), Boris Taslev (double bass) and Stoyan Yankulov – Stundzhi (drums) is truly unique.

A Little Night Music II offers boundless melodic beauty, along with the performers’ brilliant sensitivity and improvisational, and compositional talents.

When the Angel Zaberski Trio plays, time stops and the audience does not want the evening to end. Don’t miss the chance to hear the concert A Little Night Music II for the first time ever.