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Pravets – the birth of mountains and roads

Pravets is located at the foothills of the ‘‘Predbalkan” surrounded by medium high hills and fields, picturesque cut by the valley river of the Small Iskar River and is only 60 km. from Sofia.


The small town in the “Predbalkan” northern foothills of the Balkan Mountains

Pravets Municipality is the preferred home for over eight thousand people. It is a secure and convenient place to live outside the hectic everyday life of the big city, which offers a quality education, preserved virgin nature, fresh air and a well-maintained urban environment.


Cycling evolution

The favourite place for a walk of the residents and guests of Pravets is the bicycle path that connects the town centre with the lake area and the hotel complex RIU Pravets Resort. Along the driveway there is a skateboard area, a modern golf complex, green nooks and recreation areas.


Breathtaking beauty and charm!

The cycle path passes along a picturesque pedestrian bridge over the lake and reaches as far as an exquisite rose garden. The scent of roses and lavender, and the breathtaking view over the lake, invite visitors to relax, under the arch, laden with roses, where one can breathe in freshness.


Birthplace and native eaves

Todor Zhivkov’s native house is open to visitors and represents an architectural and ethnographic reconstruction of a Renaissance, Balkan type house on two floors. Pravets History Museum offers talks about this place, as well as more information about the historical site. More info at

History and continuity all in one!

The unique collection of gifts of the head of state Todor Zhivkov is the only one of its kind in Bulgaria. The exposition is made up of emblematic works of art from all over the world, donated to the Bulgarian head of state while he was in charge of the country.


A hearth of spirituality and faith!

About the Pravets Revival monastery “Saint Theodore Tyrone” traditions say that a Thracian sanctuary became a Christian monastery during the times of Assen and Peter (12th century). The monastery was attacked in the 17th century and was completely destroyed in the 18th century. It was restored by the locals in 1866. It is a spiritual holy place from antiquity that has preserved faith and that which is Bulgarian.


Sport and entertainment in the mountains!

The “Topilata-Kamicheto” ecotrail winds along the northern slope of the Gradishte Ridge and leads to the picturesque mountainous place of Kamicheto. The trek is about 3 km long, and there are recreation areas, children’s facilities, barbecues and picnic areas surrounded by nature. Traditionally, every last Saturday of January, the snowcovered meadow welcomes the locals for their favourite winter sports-tourism holiday.


Pravets from a bird’s eye view!

The Topilata-Kamicheto Eco- Path starts from the locality of Topilata, with a spring with crystal-clear mountain water, separate picnic areas and recreational facilities. The slightly steep terrain, which passes through virgin forest, is rich in biodiversity. A branch of the path leads to a panoramic area with breathtaking views of the city.


Looking into the past and touching antiquity!

The church “Saint Virgin Mary” from the 14th to 15th century is located 8 km. from the village of Osikovitsa. It was built on the ruins of an earlier building and an ancient cult place. Many fragments of household ceramics and a clay altar from the 4th century BC have been discovered here.


Escaping from everyday life and blending into nature!

Near the church “Saint Virgin Mary “in the village of Osikovitsa one can wander along a picturesque eco-path with places for relaxation, play and picnics. Hiking tourism, amidst nature and with the opportunity to experience pristine nooks and ancient ruins, is of ever-increasing interest and attracts numerous visitors to take a walk here.


History of Faith and Spiritual Power!

The Chekotino Monastery “Saint Archangel Michael“, in the village of Kalugerovo was founded during the Second Bulgarian State and was destroyed several times during the Middle Ages. In the 18th century, the monastery was a cultural and educational centre in the area. It has a valuable wood-carved iconostasis and icons from the Tryavna school of iconography, created by Dimitar Zograf, which are in an authentic state. In the yard of the monastery there is a spring with healing water.


Held captive by the magnetic Roman culture

Borovets Fortress is located on the eponymous peak, about 4 km. from the village of Razliv. On the ridge of the hill ruins of a Roman fortress dating from the 3rd to 6th century have been discovered. Up to now, the remnants of 12 buildings have been identified as a defensive facility, part of the Balkan Range system of protection against attack.


The past comes alive

Borovetz EcoPath is a tourist route starting from the village of Razliv, with facilities for recreation and outdoor attractions leading to the Borovets fortress. Reconstructions of events, customs and crafts from the Roman age and demonstrations of weapons and warfare accompany the traditional feast of the fortress, which is celebrated annually on Saint Peter’s Day.


Schools and Spirituality – Guardians of the Nation

Immediately next to the entrance of the “Saint Paraskeva” temple in the centre of the village of Vidare is the Old Class School. It opened its doors on January 1, 1848, and the museum’s exhibits and restorations reflect the development of the village from antiquity to the first years after the Liberation. An authentic 19th century classroom can also be seen here.


“Time is in us …”

The Tunayak inn in the village of Vidrare was built in 1820. Entering it today, you will dive into the era of the struggles of national liberation. The place was used as a hiding place for Vasil Levski during the forming of the revolutionary committee in the village.


The cultural emblem of Pravets

The international music festival “Mozart Celebrations — Pravets” is an annual cultural event where classical performers from all over the world meet in Pravets every summer, delighting fans of this art with piano and stage performances in different genres. Opera, ballet and unconventional presentation of the classics are trademarks of the festival.


With respect for nature and personalities

Lyudmila Zhivkova Park is a sophisticated place for relaxation and walking in Pravets and is located opposite the Museum Complex with Todor Zhivkov’s birth house. The park is well maintained with newly constructed alleys, children’s playgrounds and rare kinds of trees. In it you can see a bust-monument to Lyudmila Zhivkova, donated by her family on the occasion of the opening of the park in 2014.


When sport is a way of life!

The sports complex in Pravets includes indoor and outdoor sports equipment of high quality, providing facilities for training and tournaments of various types of sports. Here, summer camps are run by the National Football Team, the Athletics Federation, and basketball teams from home and abroad. Tracks for athletics, tennis courts, basketball courts and football pitches provide perfect conditions for sports.


Golf – the modern unknown, for amateurs and professionals!

Pravets Golf Club offers a championship golf course with 18 holes of parkland surrounded by stunning mountain and lake views. The club hosts a number of prestigious golf tournaments and is a great place not only for playing, but also for training, practising and resting!


With respect for the past, with care for the future!

In Pravets there are many places for children to play. One of the most visited is the renovated “Todor Zhivkov” park. There are suitable facilities for children of different ages. Alleyways are a favourite place for roller skating and cycling, and one of them leads to the monument of former Head of State Todor Zhivkov – one of the most popular places for tourists.


Sport for Everyone

Outdoor sports facilities and fitness equipment are a modern touch contributing to a healthy lifestyle in the town. Street fitness is a modern version of well-known gym equipment, as an alternative to standard fitness programmes. Outdoor sports diversify everyday life and bring entertainment to the streets, while practising it gives a new look to the urban environment – not as a restriction, but as an opportunity.


Ritual feasts – a sustainable tradition

The feast is an annual ritual, a mixture of pagan and Christian practices, performed on a specific date and in a specific place next to flowing water, an age-old tree or sacred place from antiquity and marked with a stone or cross. On the designated day of the year, the local community gather here and pray for health and well-being. In the Municipality of Pravets there are over 250 feasts a year, the largest being on June 20th, the feast of St. Elijah, near Pravets. Find out more at

RIU Pravets Resort

RIU Pravets Golf & SPA Resort hosts the International Mozart Festival Pravets.